Neuropak Elite

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The Neuropak increases the activation of the neuromuscular response associated with any skills-based activity via applying continuous resistance to the user’s limbs in a flexible, configurable fashion. The application of this resistance improves neural plasticity and adaptation associated with muscle memory and stabilizes and conditions muscle groups to improve movement quality and reduce injury risk.  In an initial test-retest validation study of the Neuropak in a validated markerless motion analysis system, the device demonstrated statistically significant improvements in mobility, stability, performance, asymmetry, and movement quality by an average margin of 30.25% increase over baseline after just one use.


The Neuropak method provides an efficient, effective, and user-friendly approach to human performance, rehabilitation, or injury prevention: Simply wear the device, and move.  This approach improves muscle memory without constraining the activity itself or preventing the execution of smooth, natural movement. The ability to “train how you play/fight/work/live” for athletes, military personnel, workers, those trying to recover from injury or disease, or anyone just living their daily lives, will fundamentally shift the paradigm of training, recovery, and healthy human movement in general.